4th Memorial Workshop Maria Ciaramella

On 16 and 17 November 2023 the “4th Memorial Workshop” will be held at the NA1 Research Area of the CNR in Via Pietro Castellino 111 in Naples (how to get there, click here). As usually, the Meeting will feature the young students, doctoral students and post-docs of the Campania institutions who will participate. The Scientific Committee and the moderators of the various sessions are selected among young researchers who have particularly distinguished themselves for their scientific quality in previous editions of the Workshop. Participation is free, but requires compulsory registration, allowing access to coffee breaks, lunch and sessions dedicated to the poster presentation. It will start at 10.00 am on Thursday 16 with two Sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon with two coffee breaks and a lunch, during which space will be given to the Poster Session. The entire conference will take place inside the CNR Area where it will not be possible to park.
The detailed scientific program of the 4th Memorial Workshop can be downloaded here.

IMPORTANT: We are pleased for the high participation in our Workshop by the Campania researchers! Unfortunately, this makes it appropriate to close registrations early, to avoid serious organizational and safety problems in the premises where our event will take place

Research Area NA1 of the CNR – Conference Room, Via Pietro Castellino 111, Naples

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Why this Workshop

This site was created to coordinate and make information about the Workshop more accessible, an annual event that has now reached the size of an International Congress, attracting such a vast and heterogeneous audience that it would otherwise have very rare opportunities for meeting and discussion. The Congress is inspired by the figure of Maria Ciaramella and deliberately addressed to young students, doctoral students and postdocs who study and work in many research institutes of Campania, protagonists of the Oral Sessions as selected speakers and as presenters in the Poster Sessions. But the element that characterizes this Meeting is their involvement in the scientific organization: in fact, all those who have particularly distinguished themselves in the previous editions will be involved in the Scientific Committee (for the selection of the speakers) and in the moderation (Chair) of the Sessions of the Workshops.

Scientific reports and posters are the heart of the Meeting which thrives on the enthusiasm of those who are in the most fertile moment of their professional career, actively working to advance the frontiers of knowledge from the workbench of our laboratories. These are fundamental moments in the path of scientific and cultural maturation of the new generations, and this is meant to be one of the (few) opportunities for the most active and enthusiastic young people: getting to know each other and comparing themselves with expert researchers is an opportunity to emerge and establish new and fruitful collaborations, scientific sharing and knowledge of other realities.

On the site we have decided to host a personal section dedicated to those who want to leave a memory, a thought, share an experience and perhaps a photo of a meeting they had with Maria. The section is open to family, friends and scientists who have known her, but also to those who have never met her but feel the desire to leave a message, respecting the few rules described in the “I met her” form. The interventions will be moderated by the site managers and the privacy rules are illustrated in detail in this specific section. The photographs will, where possible, be collected in the photo gallery and the thoughts will be published in the “Thoughts on Mary” section. Upon written request from the author, each contribution may be removed by writing to the site administrators: procedure specified in the privacy rules.