Maria Ciaramella
Senior Researcher, Group leader, Head of the Naples Secondary Branch, Institute of
Biosciences and BioResources (IBBR), National Research Council (CNR)

18-12-1980 Degree in Biological Sciences, magna cum laude, University of Naples “Federico
II”. Supervisor: Prof. John F. Pulitzer
a.s. 1975-66 Classical high school diploma, 60/60, “Vittorio Emanuele II” State High School, Naples

Main scientific interests:

  • Molecular mechanisms of maintenance of genomic stability, response to damage to DNA and DNA repair in hyperthemophilic microorganisms and model organisms;
  • Role of genomic instability in genetic diseases and cancer;
  • Structure and topology of DNA and their role in gene regulation and genomic stability;
  • Structural and functional studies of hyperthermostable proteins and enzymes involved in the metabolism of nucleic acids and sugars and their biotechnological applications;
  • Molecular biodiversity;
  • Molecular mechanisms of the adaptation of organisms to extreme life conditions.
Maria Ciaramella